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Calling for a peaceful action, ex-regional police chief: Until fraud election is canceled


IO, Jakarta – Former Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief, Commissioner General of Police (Ret.) Mohammad Sofjan Jacoeb supports the 2019 National Sovereignty People Movement (GNKR) in rejecting the 2019 fraudulent elections.

 Sofjan Jacoeb stated that he was ready to take part in the action planned that will be held on May 22 or just when the KPU announced the election results.

 “I am a former police officer and I am in this movement, so I am obliged to appeal to let us do a super peaceful and sympathetic action,” Sofjan said at Rumah Perjuangan Rakyat, Menteng, Jakarta, Friday (05/17/2019).

In front of hundreds of mass supporters of Prabowo-Sandi, Sofjan warned that in carrying out peaceful actions there would be no need for fear of officials who were always equipped with weapons.

“The Mobile Brigade Corps and army’s weapons will not be firing at us, but to shoot at anarchists and looters,” he explained.

Sofyan also stated that the mass of the GNKR that was declared this afternoon is to demand justice until the results of this fraudulent election is canceled.

“Let’s prepare our provisions, and maybe we will have to celebrate Eid’ day on the road, are you ready, ladies and gentlemen?!” shouted Sofjan and immediately greeted by a shout bt the participants “Ready !!!”. (dsy)


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