Friday, December 1, 2023 | 22:56 WIB

Densus 88 arrests foreign nationals suspected of spreading terrorism propaganda


Jakarta, IO – Police’s Densus 88 Antiterror Squad Police arrested four Uzbek citizens — BA a.k.a JF (32), OMM a.k.a IM (28), BKA (40) and MR (26) — on suspicion of spreading terrorism propaganda through social media.

“Three of the four Uzbeks are suspected of being involved in terrorist activities through propaganda on social media and are part of an international terror organization. Another one is the financier and was involved in falsifying documents,” said National Police Ahmad Ramadhan said, reported Kompas, Thursday (6/4).

According to Ramadhan, BA was known to be actively spreading propaganda on various social media platforms. He was also seen trying to recruit like-minded people in Indonesia to carry out acts of terror.

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The four of them traveled to Indonesia via the Istanbul-Abu Dhabi-Malaysia route. They arrived separately, two people on February 6 and the other two on February 27. They are alleged to be members of an international terror organization called Katiba Tauhid Walzihad, which is active in the Middle East , especially Syria. (un)


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