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BRIN Builds Indonesia’s First Clean Room


Jakarta, IO – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in collaboration with the Electronics and Informatics Research Organization is building the first clean room in Indonesia, which will be a center of excellence in the Samaun Samadikun Science and Technology Hub, Bandung.

BRIN Electronics Research Center head Yusuf Nur Wijayanto said the clean room is intended for fabricating micro-nano electronic devices. The goal is to ensure that there is no contamination in component fabrication, per, Tue (13/2).

“Clean room is a research facility or infrastructure for fabricating devices or components intended for micro-nano electronic devices. BRIN’s clean room has the capability to fabricate devices with a size of 600 nm,” he said.

In addition, Yusuf said the clean room would help in the development of micro-nano electronics. Because dust or other air contamination can affect electronic line connections.

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“Clean room needs a very clean state, because 600 nm must be farthest from dust, because there is a fear that it will affect the connection of the electronic lines which will be hampered.  We have two classes, the 1000 particles/m2 class and the 100 particles/meter2 class, so it depends on needs,” he said.

Currently the clean room is still in the installation stage of support equipment and is targeted to be tested as soon as possible at the beginning of this year. This research facility can be accessed not only by BRIN staff but also the public. (bp)


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