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Baidowi: Whoever the chairman is, PPP remains solid with KIB


Jakarta, IO – United Development Party (PPP) central secretariat chairman Achmad Baidowi said his party will remain solid within the United Indonesia Coalition (KIB) despite the internal strife, referring to the dismissal of Suharso Monoarfa as the party’s chairman. He has now been replaced by Mardiono as the acting chairman of PPP.

Baidowi said Mardiono is now the PPP coordinator within KIB. However, this will not have significant impact on the unity of KIB. He emphasized that whoever the PPP leader is, the party will solidly remain with KIB.

Furthermore, Baidowi revealed that the party elites in KIB have discussed about the internal conflict within PPP and agreed that there will be no change in the coalition.

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Leaders of PPP’s three central councils previously held a meeting and decided to remove Suharso Monoarfa as the party’s chairman in response to the strife between Soeharso and PPP sympathizers. (un)


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