Gerindra, PKB to set up joint secretariat to strengthen coalition

Sufmi Dasco Ahmad - Rapimnas Gerindra
Gerindra central secretariat executive chairman Sufmi Dasco Ahmad. (IO/Prabowo's Media Team)

Jakarta, IO – The Gerindra Party and PKB will soon officialise their joint secretariat (sekber) in Jakarta. The initiative aims to intensify communication between the two parties ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“For stronger cooperation on the ground, Gerindra and PKB will soon inaugurate the joint secretariat of Gerindra-PKB coalition,” said Gerindra’s central secretariat executive chairman Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, according to Gerindra Party’s official website, Tuesday (6/9).

“To further strengthen the relationship between the Gerindra Party and PKB in the regions and show the solidity between the two coalition partners in Indonesia,” he added.