A Cirebonese invents a device to convert water into fuel

Aryanto and his brainchild Nikuba. (Source: Ony Syahroni/detikJabar)

Jakarta, IO – Aryanto Misel, of Lemahabang, Cirebon, gained fame in social media for his invention Nikuba which he claims is able to convert water into fuel to be used in motor vehicles, especially motorcycles.

“Nikuba itself is an acronym for Niku Banyu, which in the Cirebon language means ‘This is water,’” said Aryanto as reported by Detik, Saturday (14/5).

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Explaining how it works, Aryanto said Nikuba is able to separate Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) in water (H2O) through an electrolysis process. The water used does not contain heavy metals.

The hydrogen produced through the electrolysis process is then channelled into the combustion chamber of the engine as fuel. Meanwhile, the oxygen will be re-electrolyzed into hydrogen and channelled back into the engine combustion chamber.