A Cirebonese invents a device to convert water into fuel

    Aryanto and his brainchild Nikuba. (Source: Ony Syahroni/detikJabar)

    Eniya further revealed that electrolysis process generated by Nikuba was not a pure electrolysis process capable of producing hydrogen gas. According to him, Nikuba only produces chemical reactions from stainless steel.

    “It’s not a pure electrolysis process to produce hydrogen. The device produces a kind of chemical reaction, which uses stainless steel as an electrode and NaOH (soda) or KOH or NaCl as the electrolyte,” he explained.

    “We assume it can make the combustion chamber and piston in the motorcycle work more efficiently. But still, you need fuel, so it isn’t a substitute for fuel. This is what I can explain about the invention,” he said. (rr)