Uswatun Hasanah

Uswatun Hasanah
Uswatun Hasanah. (Photo: ANTARA)

Makes history for Indonesian women’s boxing

IO – It is a high point in history for Indonesian women’s boxing, as boxer Uswatun Hasanah entered the lightweight final (60 kg) of the Asian Elite Boxing Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Unfortunately, Uswatun failed to capture a gold medal, as she was defeated by Rima Volossenko (Kazakhstan) in the final which was held in Le Meridien, Dubai, Sunday, May 30, 2021. 

The boxer from West Nusa Tenggara stepped into the top tier after defeating Tajikistan’s Shoira Zulkaynarova in the semi-finals. Uswatun, who was in the women’s 60kg class, won by a narrow score of 3-2. Previously, in the quarter-finals, Uswatun performed well by outfighting the female Filipino boxer, Maricel Sela Torre. 

In the semifinal match, Uswatun initially had difficulty facing her opponent, who was experienced and taller, but in the next round, Uswatun managed to maintain a comfortable distance and improve her rhythm. Several times she managed to get hooks into the opponent’s face. In the end, Uswatun was declared the winner. 

This Indonesian Army soldier was a bronze medalist at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. 

Her parents opposed Uswatun’s intention to become a boxer. “I started boxing when I was a high school student. At first, my parents didn’t permit it, but I was determined. Finally, they allowed me to box after seeing me compete and win,” said Huswatun Hasanah, as quoted in 

Initially, this girl who was born in Lombok, January 27, 1998, practiced the sport of taekwondo. She began training in boxing at the Sasana Notorius Boxing Camp in West Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara in 2014. “I was introduced to a boxing coach by Pak Indah’s man, Dugi Cahyono, who became a taekwondo coach. I consider Pak Dugi to be like my parent,” she said. 

Uswatun’s achievement to the previous final round received praise from the Commander of Military Resort 162/WB, Brigadier General of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, Ahmad Rizal Ramdhani, as Chairman of the Indonesian Amateur Boxing Association, West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Committee. 

“So the boxing championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is also an event to add experience as well as a try out for Atun (Uswatun Hasanah’s nickname) to face the SEA Game in Vietnam later,” said Ahmad Rizal proudly, as quoted from the page Tniad. (rp)