The era of VUCA, survival of the most adaptive

(Source: Pixabay)

When rightsizing is implemented by businesses or service providers, it necessitates a number of adjustments, including human resources (HR). Human resources who can keep up with industry trend and is transformative will be able to thrive in the increasingly dynamic Industry 5.0. In his book, Let’s Change (2014), Rhenald Kasali mentions that it is not those who are the strongest who are able to survive, but those who are the most adaptive in responding to change.

Currently, one of the challenges to the rapid digital transformation comes in the form of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA). This refers to the nature of change driven by digital transformation or technology that happens so fast, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

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“If we use the analogy of river current, the digital ecosystem allows you to sail in a faster current in the middle of the river. It’s more challenging, but the opportunity to grow is also bigger,” said Rhenald. “Without entering the digital ecosystem, you are like being on the river bank. The water is indeed calmer, but the progress will be slower and there is a risk of getting caught in the comfort zone branches that make you unable to move forward, and then slowly sink,” he added. To address the challenges of the VUCA era, a business must continue to improve the quality of its human resources and work systems.