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Serang court sentences 8 Iranians to death for drug struggling


Jakarta, IO – The panel of judges at the Serang District Court sentenced eight Iranians to death for smuggling 319 kilograms of methamphetamine across the Indian Ocean to Indonesia. They were found guilty based on Article 114(2) in conjunction with Article 132 (1) of the Narcotics Law.

“The defendants are part of an international network for illicit narcotics trafficking,” said the panel of judges led by Uli Purnama, per Detikcom, Friday (27/10).

The eights defendants were: Shahab Sharaki, Amir Naderi, Usman Damani, Walu Mohammad Paro, Abdul Azziz Barri, Abdul Rahman Zardkuhi, Ayub Wafa Salak, and Wahid Baluch Kari.

The sentence was aggravated by the fact they were professional smugglers. Apart from that, they have also deceived several countries in their smuggling operations carried out carefully, including storing the crystal methamphetamine on the ship.

According to the panel, the suspects’ actions were very dangerous because it threatened the young generation in Indonesia. “The panel of judges did not find any mitigating factors,” he said.

In January, Ali asked Abdul to deliver methamphetamine by sea. He was promised a salary of 80 million rial.

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Then, Abdul and his colleagues gathered at Pozm Harbor, Iran. They agreed to traffick methamphetamine and the money was divided equally between them. From the port, they then went out to sea and encountered another ship and gave them 12 sacks of 309 packets of methamphetamine which was then stored in a diesel tank.

From there, they transported the methamphetamine to Indonesian waters. They were waiting for a ship to pick up the methamphetamine in the middle of the sea when they were raided by the authority. (bp)


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