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Residents of Ngancar Village in NTT Get Electricity After Waiting 78 Years


Jakarta, IO – Residents of three hamlets in Ngancar village, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) can now enjoy electricity. The state electricity network finally reached the village after 78 years wait.

Karolina Andus, a resident of Pong Sepang mamlet, said she was very happy and grateful with the progress because now the villagers can work at night, per Kompas, Thu (14/12).

“Finally we have a loom that can be used in the future. We also hope to be able to work at night,” said Karolina.

She said the state power company PLN came to socialize the extension of the electricity network to the village on Tuesday (12/12). The arrival of PLN team to the village was like a breath of fresh air for the community, because they have been longing for electricity for decades.

“Finally we can enjoy the fruit of independence like other Indonesian people,” he said.

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Ngancar village chief Pankrasius Purnama said PLN previously only planned for two hamlets to be electrified by 2023. However, after a visit to Pong Sepang hamlet, it was decided that the coverage will extend to another hamlet.

He said that for Pong Sepang hamlet, the installation of cable and pole would begin on December 18. “All the people here are very enthusiastic about it. There are no significant obstacles because this is what the people have dreamed of for such a long time,” said Purnama. (un)


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