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Police arrest 2 blackmailers who hack into Instagram account


Jakarta, IO – Jakarta Metro Police arrested A, 21, and MRP, 19, for hacking the Instagram account of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) exco member Teuku Arlan Perkasa Lukman who used the handle @arlanlukman, said special crime director Ade Safri Simanjuntak, per Liputan6, Monday (14/8).

Ade explained that the incident started when MRP managed to hack into Arlan’s Instagram account, then contacted the victim via WhatsApp. The suspect then called the victim and demanded Rp10 million if he wanted his Instagram account back. A then helped set up an account to collect the money.

“The victim transfered Rp12,500,000 to a BRI account owned by IH,” said Ade.

However, Arlan did not get his social media account back. The suspect then again threatened to share the victim’s data and information if he did not give them Rp100 million.

Outraged, Arlan reported the incident to Jakarta Metro Police. The police followed up the case and arrested the two perpetrators in South Sulawesi on Wednesday (9/8). They were taken to Jakarta for further questioning. They are now being detained at Jakarta Metro Police detention center.

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The two suspects are charged with Article 27(4) in conjunction with Article 45(4) and/or Article 29 in conjunction with Article 45.B and/or Article 30 in conjunction with Article 46 and/or Article 32 in conjunction with Article 48 and/or Article 35 in conjunction with Article 51(1) of Law 19/2016 on amendments to Law 11/2008 on Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE Law). (at)


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