PKS: Three wishes for Cabinet reshuffle

Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera – “PKS”) politician Mardani Ali Sera. (Photo: Rayi Gigih/IO)

IO – The rumor that the Onwards Indonesia Cabinet is being reshuffled strengthened with the establishment of the Ministry of Investment and the amalgamation of the Ministry of Education and Culture with the Ministry of Research and Technology. United Development Party (Partai Persatuan Pembangunan – “PPP”) Vice General Chairman Arsul Sani stated that a Cabinet reshuffle is in fact an ordinary occurrence in the daily life of a Government. “As PPP does not consider this to be an extraordinary occurrence, we ask that the people refrain from engaging in excessive political speculation,” he said.

Arsul went on to equalize the Governmental Cabinet with a soccer club. “In a club, the coach is responsible for the management and conduct of the team; in the Cabinet, it is the President’s responsibility,” he said. “Similar with a soccer club coach, the President may decide to change players if their game is ineffective. Therefore, we request that those within the inner circle of the Palace, such as the Presidential Office Staff’s Expert (Ali Mochtar) Ngabalin to refrain from dramatizing the reshuffle, including in terms of the timing. Let’s just quietly observe how this replacement of players will play out.”

Meanwhile, Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera “PKS”) politician Mardani Ali Sera made three requests concerning the reshuffle: First, the Cabinet must be evaluated fairly, based on accurate data. “It is true that the appointment and dismissal of Ministers are the prerogative of the President. However, appointments and dismissals must be performed with proper calculations of good governance and effectiveness of the Government, especially since people are not cupboards that you can shuffle and shift easily. Therefore, we humbly request Mr. Jokowi to be careful in his evaluation of existing Ministers and selection of new Ministers,” he said in a video broadcast on the Mardani Ali Sera official YouTube channel on Wednesday (14/04/2021).

Second, Jokowi has declared his vision, mission, and targets. Therefore, evaluation of Ministers should be based on their ability to achieve these. Third, it is best if Jokowi considers the input of various parties. “I am concerned that the ministers being replaced are those who actually have established strong foundations. To make a comparison, building a five-story building is different from building a ten-story building. Let’s say this Minister has built up a foundation for 10-20 stories, therefore not a single brick is shown above ground. They may not be popular, but they actually work very hard. Therefore, let there be no transactional politics. We request that Mr. Jokowi really pay attention to each Minister’s performance, commitment, integrity, capacity, morality, and intellectuality,” Mardani warned. (des)