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Pelindo initiates “BUMN Teman Bersenyum” Program to empower Temanggung


Jakarta, IO – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) is collaborating with 16 other State-Owned Enterprises under the coordination of PT Pegadaian to implement the “BUMN untuk Temanggung yang Bersih, Sehat dan Nyaman untuk Umum” (“State-Owned Enterprises for Clean, Healthy, Comfortable for the Public Temanggung”) (“BUMN Teman Bersenyum”) program at the Sindoro Water Park Tourist Site, Regency of Temanggung. The Program is an expression of the SOEs’ commitment to develop the region, using an approach that considers both the social and environmental perspectives. 

“Pelindo cooperates with 16 other SOEs to develop Temanggung society, by providing training, facilities and structures through this program. One of our actions is facilitating management training for Village-Owned Enterprises (“VOEs”), which will help the people improve their capacity and independence. The management training introduces digital marketing to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses in the region, to expand their owners and managers’ perspective and skills in using digital technology, so they will be able to develop the potentials of the local economy,” declared Ali Mulyono, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Group Head Corporate Secretary, in Jakarta, Monday (20/11/2023). 

Ali went on to describe some of the Program’s activities already performed in Gentan Village, District of Kranggan, and Rejosari Village, District of Bansari. Clean water is being provided in the former through a newly laid-out plumbing network, while the Program focuses on the construction of stalls for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses; procurement for camping ground tourist facilities; and facilities for prefabricated homes in the latter. 

Meanwhile, Edi Eko Cahyono, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises’ Assistant Deputy for Social and Environmental Responsibility, expressed his hope that the BUMN Teman Bersenyum program will generate real results, exert a significant impact, and deliver positive changes for the people. “Thorough planning that considers both the needs and potentials of the community is the focus of all Social and Environmental Responsibility programs. In this case, the qualitative and quantitative measurability of the program’s impact becomes crucial,” he declared. 

Acting Regent of Temanggung, C. Masrik Amin Zuhdi, also attended the launching of the BUMN Teman Bersenyum program, expressed his hope that the program will generate a positive impact on the welfare of the people of Temanggung. 

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Meanwhile, Rully Yusuf, the person in charge of the BUMN Teman Bersenyum Program, hopes that the people will participate properly, so that the anticipated positive impact becomes a reality. “This collaboration is part of the SOEs’ commitment towards sustainable development,” he declared. 

Ali Mulyono went on to state that as a SOE in the harbor business, Pelindo is committed to continue its support of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses through its Social and Environmental Responsibility programs. “In this context, we support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, especially the 8th point of promoting sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, and full and productive employment and decent work for all. All of Pelindo’s Social and Environmental Responsibility programs refer to the three priorities of education, economic empowerment and environmental preservation,” he said. (des/ast)


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