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National Museum fire draws comment from Rijkmuseum Amsterdam


Jakarta, IO – The fire that engulfed part of the National Museum drew global attention, one of which was from the Dutch Rijkmuseum, which also commented on the tragedy which occurred on Saturday (16/9).

On Sunday (17/9), the official X account @MuseumNational tweeted about the current conditions after the fire. They explained that the situation has been brought under control, per detikTravel, Monday (18/9).

“Good morning Museum Friends. The situation at the Museum Nasional Indonesia (MNI) has been under control thanks to the quick response between the fire brigade, police and MNI teams,” read the tweet.

Singosari statue at the National Museum after the fire. (Source: X @bonnietriyana)

In the comments section, a tweet appeared from the blue tick account @rijksmuseum. As a fellow museum, they sympathize with this tragedy.

“Our sympathies are with you,” wrote this account, ending with a red heart emoticon.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands has close relationship with MNI. In this museum, there are a number of Indonesian historical artifacts brought by the Dutch during the colonial era.

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This museum holds around 1 million works of art and artifacts, 2,000 of which come from Indonesia. One of the most famous is the painting of the handover of Prince Diponegoro by Nicolaas Pieneman, a miniature of a traditional Javanese market and gamelan dating back to 1825-1850.

It was recently agreed that 472 Indonesian historical objects would be repatriated from the Netherlands. They included statues from the Singosari Kingdom and Lombok treasures. Some of the objects come from the Dutch Rijksmuseum. (at)


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