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FBI to help KPK look for suspect Kirana Kotama


Jakarta, IO – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will be assisted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the search for Kirana Kotama, a suspect on the KPK’s Wanted List (DPO).

Kirana Kotama was suspected of giving gifts related to the appointment of Ashanti Sales as the exclusive agent for PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) in the procurement of SSV ships for the Philippine government in 2014, per Kompas, Monday (18/9).

KPK acting deputy for enforcement Asep Guntur Rahayu said that the FBI’s assistance was provided because Kirana had obtained permanent resident status in a country outside Asia. Thus, KPK needs to coordinate with international police to arrest the fugitive.

Kirana was named a suspect in 2017. He was the president director of PT Pirusa Sejati. He was suspected of bribing PT PAL treasurer Arif Cahyana and finance director Saiful Anwar.

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The case was uncovered through a sting operation at the end of March 2023. KPK arrested Arif after accepting bribes in Cawang, East Jakarta.

KPK previously detected Kirana’s whereabouts in the US. However, repatriating the fugitive was difficult because he is a permanent resident. KPK has also collaborated with the Interpol. (un)


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