Saturday, December 9, 2023 | 09:30 WIB

MOFA confirms no Indonesian citizen impacted by South Korea flood yet


Jakarta, IO – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) gave an update about the severe flooding that inundated a number of cities in South Korea since Monday (8/8) night.

MOFA director for the protection of Indonesian citizens (WNI) Judha Nugraha said so far there has yet been information on WNI who were directly impacted by the flood.

“The Indonesian Embassy in Seoul has coordinated with local authorities and contacted Indonesian diaspora in South Korea. So far, no Indonesian victim has been reported,” said Judha, as reported by CNN Indonesia, Tuesday (9/8).

“Based on the database of the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul, there are 36,399 WNIs living in South Korea,” he added.


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