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Lampung Conservation Center advises local residents to do this to prevent tiger attacks


Jakarta, IO – The Lampung Region III Conservation and Natural Resources Agency (BKSDA) Regional Conservation Section (SKW) issued a number of advisories to prevent tiger attacks on human.

One of the tips is to wear hats in reverse. This is said to effective in confusing the tigers, per Kompas. “Instinctively, tigers pounce on their prey from the back targeting the nape of the neck,” said South Bukit Barisan National Park (TNBBS) spokesperson Decis Maroba.

By wearing the hat in this fashion, the tiger will think that the human is watching them. This method is inspired by local wisdom which prevents tiger attacks by wearing a face mask on the back of the head.

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This advice was issued after two farmers were attacked by tigers in recent weeks. Both were found dead with their bodies allegedly mauled by Sumatran tigers. Tigers and humans have come into conflict in recent decades due to expansion of settlements and plantations near their habitat. (un)


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