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Indonesia Elected as Member of the IAEA Board of Governors 2023-25


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia was unanimously elected as a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors for the 2023-25 term, which was decided at the 67th IAEA General Conference in Vienna on September 25.

Indonesia’s membership represents the Southeast Asia and Pacific (SEAP) group, with the Indonesian Ambassador to Austria, Damos D. Agusman, acting as Indonesia’s representative, per Kemlu, Friday (29/9).

Other elected members are Algeria, Burkina Faso, South Korea, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bangladesh, the Netherlands and Spain. Meanwhile, the candidacies of Armenia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan had to go through voting session which ultimately elected Armenia and Ukraine.

“With the election of Indonesia as a member of the Board of Governors, Indonesia will continue to play an active role in encouraging the development of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, technical cooperation, as well as encouraging the transfer of nuclear technology to developing countries,” said Damos.

Furthermore, Damos said Indonesia is committed to continuously play an active role and support the IAEA’s mandate as the world’s nuclear watchdog amidst the changing geopolitical dynamics which affect global security.

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“Indonesia has received many benefits from cooperation with the IAEA. Currently Indonesia and the IAEA have signed an LOI for the Rays of Hope program, namely the use of nuclear technology for cancer treatment,” he said.

The Board of Governors is an important policy-making body. It has the authority to examine and make recommendations to the IAEA General Conference. In addition, it is responsible for deciding the membership applications, approving safeguards agreements and publishing IAEA safety standards. (bp)


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