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Valentino Rossi says Indonesia has a special place in his heart


Jakarta, IO – Italian racing legend Valentino Rossi is back discussing Indonesia. This time, “The Doctor” asserted that he has many fans in Indonesia and spectators in Indonesia have high enthusiasm when watching MotoGP.

Recently, Valentino Rossi appeared on The BSMT podcast hosted by Gianluca Gazzoli. In it, he talked about many things, starting from his activities during retirement, his career as a motorbike racer, to his opinion about modern MotoGP.

Interestingly, the winner of nine championship titles also talked about Indonesia. According to him, Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest MotoGP fans in the world.

“Indonesia and Thailand have a high passion for MotoGP, especially in Indonesia,” said Rossi, per Detikcom, Friday (29/9).

He also feels very much loved in Indonesia because many of his fans are spread across the country. That is why, he was always greeted with fanfare when he visited Indonesia.

“I am very well known in Indonesia. When I go there, they (Indonesian people) are always lively and that is really extraordinary,” he said.

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Unfortunately, Rossi did not confirm whether he would participate in Mandalika MotoGP event next month. When he was still a racer, he used to talk about the racing at the oceanfront arena several times. However, this wish seemed to be abandoned after he retired early.

This was also not the first time Rossi praised Indonesia. He previously said warm words about the country, including about its spectators and memories of past racing. (rr)


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