Healthy diet forestalls premature ageing


IO – Not only does it keep the body at an ideal weight, a healthy diet is also very beneficial to maintaining tissue balance so it does not wear out early (premature aging). How does it do that?

Ladies are always trying to keep their beautiful looks with an ideal slim body by following a wide variety of popular diets. Different healthy types of diet recommended which can be applied to life are explained by Dr. Diani Adrina, SpGK, a clinical nutrition specialist from Pertamina Central Hospital, a healthy diet is one that meets bodily needs to maintain health and daily activities as well as recycling of tissues.

A healthy diet with composition balanced between carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre, vitamins, minerals: nothing is totally eliminated, for example not consuming carbohydrates or rice at all. An unhealthy diet only includes fruits or vegetables, or salt-free habits. Such an unbalanced composition of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals cannot be applied in the long run, especially for people suffering from certain diseases, such as diabetics, if eating a banana diet alone, it will make blood sugar rise shortly after eating bananas and reach the lowest level afterwards (hypoglycemia).

A healthy diet will allow ill people to have a chance to bounce back, as long as all the things are proportionally balanced and without a single-commodity consumption habit, like having only red beans as a main dish which possibly triggers a uric acid increase. We recommend a wide variety of food consumption. A more varied one will be healthier. A healthy diet should last a lifetime not just to lose weight alone for a certain period of time. A healthy diet is very beneficial to maintaining tissue balance so one does not die early (premature aging). Healthy diets also make a person more productive in his work, avoid obesity and keep it firm.

Healthy Eating Patterns
A healthy eating pattern consists of three main meals and three side dishes. For example, the breakfast menu is two slices of breakfast bread, plus a protein source of cheese made in a sandwich with extra tomatoes and lettuce. Source of fibre with salad or one piece of apple and low-fat milk. A decent composition that includes not only bread but also salad and milk. At 9 a.m. or 10 a.m., it’s recommended to consume low-calorie snacks such as fruit, cookies or non-fried bread, such as a large one-piece heavy cake or two small sized cupcakes. The non-fried cake calories are much smaller than one piece of pastel. It’s permissible to consume a high-calorie meal once every two weeks. Afternoon snacks could be provided with a piece of fruit.

The lunch and dinner menu should be within a complete composition with a portion of 100 grams of carbohydrate for men and 75 grams for women. The dishes are made up of one piece of animal protein like pepes [steamed dish wrapped with banana leaf] or another choice of chicken, and one vegetable dish like fried tempeh. Also, vegetable bowls such as stir-fried water spinach and one piece of fruit are needed.

Choose the fruit with plenty of water composition but not too sweet, as apples, pears, oranges with one portion and for papaya or melon; it only needs one portion per meal. For seasoning, it can use salt and sugar because the body needs it, just not too much.

A healthy diet is also beneficial for beauty enhancement such as keeping hair healthy and strong with the consumption of nuts. A varied menu in a week shall be consumed, such as green beans, red beans and cashews. For skin beauty, you should consume healthy fats such as sunflower oil to stir fry and avocado, and avoid saturated fats such as butter, chicken skin, beef and goat fat.

In preventing early aging, people should avoid excessive consumption of glucose because too much glucose will produce free radicals in the combustion process. Free radicals interfere with the circulation of oxygen in the body tissues. It’s best not to eat too much food that contains refined sugar such as chocolate, ice cream, syrup, packed drinks. Tea or coffee is allowed only without too much sugar.

Processed Vegetables
A healthy diet should be balanced with regular exercise, avoiding smoking and the result will be seen in two weeks. A complete composition of a healthy diet menu is rice, vegetables, meats and fruits. The important thing to note is the portion. Sometimes when food is tasty, people tend to add another portion. Recommended main dishes are comprised of chicken portion of one thigh, rendang-sized meat, one-small-bowl of vegetables and one piece of melon or papaya. Additionally, drinking should be around eight glasses of water per day to help digestion and ward off hunger.

In a healthy diet, carbohydrates consumption is recommended with red rice, allowed to mix with white rice if needed. All kinds of vegetables are good for a healthy diet, such as leafy vegetables like kale, spinach; fruit-shaped vegetables such as chayote, eggplant, sponge gourd; or flower-shaped ones like broccoli and mustard. These food options should be fried or in a spinach way because the fat-soluble antioxidants will work better with heating and pan-fried cooking. This way makes carotene and cryptoxanthin work better in the body.

For animal side dishes, avoid fatty red meat and preferably beef in meat or chicken without skin. Fish possesses less fat but must be consumed according to the portion of one piece on each meal. If it’s consumed heavily, calories will be excessive. Likewise, for vegetable dishes like tempeh and tofu. (esti)