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Halim Perdanakusuma Air Base Dispute


Air Chief Marshal Chappy Hakim
Chappy Hakim, The 2002-2005 Air Force Chief of Staff and author of “Tanah Air Udaraku Indonesia”


This study does not intend to demean one interest over the other, assuming that military aviation is more important or forbidding commercial aviation from using military aviation facilities. 

For the sake of national interest, national aviation management must be utilized to potentially improve the welfare of the people and national security. 

The aviation world (national aviation management) requires careful long-term planning and competent human resources, not only to solve short-term problems but to focus on gaining financial profit as well. 

As an military facility, Halim Air Base can be utilized for commercial civil aviation, with careful planning and preparation. Now is the right moment to do this. The slowdown in air traffic has allowed Halim Air Base to develop a better plan, and construct a more comfortable and safer taxiway, additional aircraft parking areas, and a terminal building. 

Hence, as an aerodrome, Halim Air Base is in fact appropriate for commercial and military aviation. Halim still currently holds a reasonable area for joint aerodrome development for both civil and military interests. 

There are three extra-large redundant golf courses in Halim, while off on one side, Halim Air Base only has a very narrow and chaotic terminal building, one runway without a taxiway, and no aircraft parking area. 

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The Air Force Bases must be used for the benefit of commercial civil aviation services that require better planning and careful preparation, not to mention coordination for long-term usage. Such cooperation should develop a workable strategic plan shared among all stakeholders, both civilian and military, to prevent future disputes in Halim Air Base from occurring. 

A firm decision, based on valid references from all competent and professional parties is pivotal. A civil-military aviation coordination platform, consisting of professional technical teams under the coordination of the Minister of Transportation and the Minister of Defense, is also advisable. National aviation issues should be resolved based on honesty, balance, and fairness for the interest of the state and nation.


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