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Goro: an example of small business empowerment


IO – Indonesia is a large nation with a large potential for its natural and human resources, including for its micro, small, and middle-sized businesses (UMKM) which play an important role in the nation’s economy.

UMKM is the most populated business category and has sustained itself amidst many economic crises and downturns. According to data from BPS-Statistics Indonesia, 99.9% or approximately 57 million businesses can be categorized under the UMKM umbrella. The Ministry of Industry has released data that stated UMKM’s contribution towards the GPD had increased from 57.84% to 60.34% in the last five years while employment had also increased in this sector from 97.99% to 97.22% in the same period.

Under these conditions, the potential for this mover of the lower-class economy can no longer be underestimated. Goro, through its philosophy of empowering the economy through “gotong-royong (mutual cooperation)” and justice, has cooperated with UMKM’s help to develop their businesses through Goro’s retail business.

“The development of Goro is an example of empowering the economy of UMKM’s through mutual cooperation. This comes in the shape of a staple needs retail store or UMKM outlets which involved many suppliers on the farmer level, on the micro-economy level. Positive responses have come from our suppliers, hopefully with the presence of Goro answering the staple needs of people around Indonesia, especially for those in the lower and middle class,” stated Milasari Kusumo Anggraini, President of PT Berjaya Makmur Sejahtera, in the launching of Goro Grosir in Cibubur, East Jakarta (17/10).

The Goro outlet located in Cibubur is the central online and offline wholesaler with a B2B and B2C concept. Goro opened a Goro Dayung UMKM retail store in Bandung in September 2018, and received a positive response from local residents. Goro, with its business concept from Goro Grosir which will be placed in all large cities in Indonesia, will expand to every district and sub-district which will then reach remote areas through its Goro cart. Here the role of Goro will have an impact on financial inclusion.

Not stopping there, what is being built by Goro is an ecosystem, including guidance for UMKM owners while helping increase product quality and productivity, and helping them with access to markets and distribution means. The Goro ecosystem is accompanied by a robust supply chain system. Not only has Goro Dayung in Bandung received a strong response from locals but also from UMKM’s in various regions which have now agreed to work with them. From the workshop held last week in Gresik, enthusiasm from UMKM owners has been enormous and 100 UMKM’s have decided to partner up with Goro.

Attending the official opening of the Goro retail store in Cibubur were among others, Hutomo Mandala Putra, the Chief Commissioner of PT Berjaya Makmur Sejahtera as the owner of Goro Retail. “Thank God, we can officially open the Goro multi-wholesale retail store today here in Cibubur. I feel quite surprised and this has exceeded our early expectations, where economic empowerment through Goro in a short time has received very good responses from various regions,” stated Hutomo.

In the future, Milasari stated, Goro would continue to spread its wings to various regions in Indonesia. “We will do this in order to invigorate populist economic principles which can reach even the lower class. As a business, we also follow current development, one of which is using digital platforms which will impart ease to our potential customers,” said Milasari. (Roosyudhi Priyanto)


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