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Gerindra cadres reminded to make good on political promises


IO – Great Indonesia Movement (Gerakan Indonesia Raya – “Gerindra”) Party Central Leadership Council (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat – “DPP”) General Secretary Ahmad Muzani reiterates that the Party is committed to craft leaders who make good on their political promises to the people, whether at regency, municipal, provincial, or national level. “The leaders we generate are responsible for the fulfillment of the Party’s promises to the people. And the duty of the Parliament is to support the mayors, regents, and governors in making changes that will speed up development for the sake of their people,” he said during the East Kalimantan Conference of Gerindra Party’s Regional Leadership Councils (Dewan Pimpinan Daerah – “DPDs”) and Branch Leadership Councils (Dewan Pimpinan Cabang – “DPCs”) on Saturday (03/04/2021).

Muzani went on to say that the reason behind Gerindra’s establishment on 6 February 2008 was the fact that Indonesia should be a prosperous nation as it is blessed with rich natural resources, but paradoxically poverty and social gaps occur everywhere throughout the nation. “We as the sons and daughters of the nation feel obliged to find the solution for these issues. Therefore, Gerindra’s movement was expanded into a political party. We have promised the people that this Party can be used as their tool in their struggle to achieve the purposes of the Proclamation (of Independence),” he said.

Muzani went on to say that since Gerindra is a political party, its way of struggling to achieve its purposes is through political means. “For example, in order to achieve power at Central level, we must achieve trust at a national level; if we want power at the provincial level, we need to achieve trust at regency and municipal level. The 9 December 2020 Regional Elections was our forum to achieve as much people’s trust as possible on our candidates at both gubernatorial and municipal/ regency levels,” he said.

Muzani then cited the example of Gerindra’s victory in the Province of East Kalimantan in 2020: KPU has declared the victory of Boni as Regent of Mahakam Ulu and Andi Harun as Mayor of Samarinda. He said that the democratic process that ends up with the election of these two in the latest Regional Elections is an example of how the people trust in democratic processes involving Gerindra Party. He believes that it cannot be faked, as democracy is the way the people express their choice of leaders and approve the final results.

“When Andi Harun becomes the mayor of Samarinda with the support of Gerindra Party, his duty is to resolve the problems of the city: garbage, traffic jams, and floods, among others. And when these problems are gradually improved, even if they are not completely resolved, it is proof that we are committed to the people to fulfill our pre-election promises,” he said. “Therefore, I, Muzani, remind you all leaders to refrain from using instant means to win the people’s trust. In the end, it will only cause the people to lose trust in Indonesia’s democratic process.” (Dessy)


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