Presidential Instruction issued to optimize social security

President Joko Widodo. (Photo: BIRO PERS SETPRES)

IO – President RI Joko Widodo has validated Presidential Instruction Number 2 of 2021 concerning the Optimizing of the Implementation of the Employment Social Security (Jaminan Sosial Ketenagakerjaan – “Jamsostek”) Program. The Instruction is intended for several Governmental elements: 19 Ministers; the Attorney General, 3 Heads of Governmental Agencies, including the Chairman of the National Social Security Council (Dewan Jaminan Sosial Nasional  – “DJSN”) at the Central level; and 34 Governors, 416 Regents, and 98 Mayors throughout Indonesia.

President Jokowi instructs everyone to take the necessary steps according to their respective duties and authorities in support of implementing the Jamsostek program, such as creating supporting regulations and budgets for their respective parts. The President further specifically requested the Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Cultural Affairs to report on the execution of his Instruction regularly (once every six months).

The Presidential Instruction firmly stipulates that all wage-earning workers, non-wageearning workers, Indonesian migrant workers, non-civil servant workers of the State, and electoral organizers must be registered as the Social Security Organizing Agency (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Ketenagakerjaan “BPJamsostek”) service members. Upholding the compliance of business entities or employers include the imposing of sanctions when there is non-compliance with the Jamsostek program is the duty of the General Attorney.

Responding to the Instruction, BPJamsostek President Director Anggoro Eko Cahyo expressed his appreciation to President Joko Widodo. He guarantees that all of his staff will coordinate and collaborate proactively with all Government Ministries and Agencies, Regional Heads, and the General Attorney’s Office to ensure proper implementation. BPJamsostek is moving quickly to prepare the necessary administrative system, facilities & infrastructure, and personnel to implement the program by cooperating with all stakeholders throughout Indonesia.

“This is a huge undertaking for all of us. We made sure we completed all of our ‘homework’, such as improving service by prioritizing digitalization. We also continue to educate all stakeholders, including citizens and Government workers,” Anggoro said. “We need massive socializing because we need to maintain the consistency and currency of knowledge concerning the Employment Social Security and the BPJamsostek as its implementing agency. We hope that the Instruction will shed some light onto a comprehensive and equal development of employment social security for all Indonesian workers, and to help all workers live with welfare and prosperity.” (eka)