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Fishing Boat Sinks in Southeast Sulawesi Waters, 8 Still Missing


Jakarta, IO – A total of 8 crew members of the Cahaya Sinar Fishing Motor Boat (KMN) disappeared after the ship reportedly sank when hit by high waves in Wawonii Waters, Southeast Sulawesi, Tuesday (27/2).

Head of Kendari Search and Rescue Agency Muhammad Arafah said that the fishing vessel initially carried 11 crew members. He said a joint SAR team had also been deployed to search for and evacuate the crew members, per CNN Indonesia, Wed (28/2).

“So, the ship sailed from Kendari on February 26, then on February 27 the ship was hit by a wave which caused water to enter the ship,” explained Arafah. “One of the crew members used a small boat to row to land to seek help.”

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Of the 11 crew members, Arafah, said the SAR team had succeeded in finding three people. Meanwhile, the rest were declared missing.

“The number of crew members on the ship is 11 people, currently there are three crew members who survived and we are in the process of searching for the other eight who are still missing,” said Arafah. (un)


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