Wednesday, December 6, 2023 | 17:11 WIB

First in Indonesia, AI-powered company director


Jakarta, IO – A holding company with diverse businesses appointed a virtual robot based on artificial intelligence named Ardi as its director. This decision is considered effective in providing strategic recommendations based on real-time data analysis.

Ardi is the first robot-director based on Semar A.I., specifically designed for the Indonesian market. In addition to analyzing data, he can also monitor employee performance, provide advice, evaluate business strategies and potential risks, as well as assess company performance according to predetermined key performance indexes.

“Ardi, the first AI director in Indonesia was appointed in April 2023,” said a statement from the company Brights Corporation, reported Katadata, Monday (1/5).

As an artificial intelligence, the company hopes that Ardi can improve decisions-making process and drive innovations in the long term.

“With Ardi onboard, the company is demonstrating its commitment to embracing AI-based decision-making for a successful future,” said company founder and CEO Eddy Yansen.

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Brights Corporation is engaged in several products and services including robot arms and mechatronics, internet service providers, sensors and drive technology, finance and consulting technology, marketing technology to hospitality management. (bp)


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