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Dragon installation decorates HI Roundabout to celebrate Chinese New Year 2575

Dragon installation
Dragon installation
Dragon installation
Dragon installation
Dragon installation
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Jakarta, IO – A number of workers complete the installation of a giant dragon at the HoteI Indonesia Roundabout, Jakarta (8/2). This is part of the preparations to welcome the Chinese New Year festivity that is steeped in Chinese tradition.

The start of the Year of Wood Dragon will fall on Saturday, February 10, and is celebrated by Chinese people around the world. The dragon is believed to be able to able to foster growth, progress and abundance.

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The magnificent and colorful decorations are not only a visual feast, but also create an atmosphere that is thick in Chinese culture. The residents of Greater Jakarta can feel the vibrance and joy of Chinese New Year by enjoying the majestic dragon installation that enliven the downtown area.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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