Digitalization, for better access to non-BPJS Kesehatan health services

BPJS Kesehatan
BPJS Kesehatan membership card. Photo: Rayi Gigih/IO

Jakarta, IO – In this digital era, the Government uses Electronically-Based Management System to expedite the quality of public service. The Municipal Government of Semarang has recently become aware that digitizing health services can help upgrade these services for all levels of its citizenry, while providing better-quality healthcare. 

At present, the Municipal Health Office of Semarang provides free doctor consultation services to the people, through its 10 WhatsApp lines. A partnership between the Semarang Health Office, 37 Community Health Centers (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat – “Puskesmas”), the Good Doctor app, and the Grab app is being forged, to ensure that citizens can get quick, proper health services no matter where they are located in the city. 

“We believe that this cooperative venture will make it easier for the citizens of Semarang City to obtain quality health services. It is an effort made by the Municipal Government of Semarang to provide a more complete range of health services for its citizens, above and beyond the existing BPJS Kesehatan (Healthcare Welfare Service) – a way for us to prove our commitment to the improvement of the quality of public services for the citizens of Semarang,” declared Mochamad Abdul Hakam, Head of the Semarang Health Office, during the signing of the cooperative venture agreement in Semarang last Friday (18/11/2022).