Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 22:01 WIB

Anyone can Become a Tokopedia Affiliate Program Commissioned Influencer, with Five-Fold Increase in Users


Jakarta, IO – Since early 2022, Tokopedia, through its Tokopedia Affiliate Program, has made it easier for anyone to become an influencer and earn commissions by promoting millions of products on Tokopedia, through affiliate links shared via social media. In an era of social commerce, people tend to look for information/inspiration while shopping, or vice versa. 

“Public interest in the Tokopedia Affiliate Program is very high. The number of active Tokopedia Affiliate users increased almost five times in the third quarter of 2022, compared to the first quarter of 2022,” said AVP of Content Marketing Platform Tokopedia Nirmala Hapsari. 

Commissions and Other Benefits of Tokopedia Affiliate Program for MSMEs.

Tokopedia Affiliate users (called “Affiliates”) are given a chance to earn a commission of up to 10% maximum of IDR 50,000 when a product is successfully sold from a particular link shared. A commission of IDR 50 can also be obtained from each validated visit (‘page visits’) to the product page or store promoted by the Affiliate. 

“Affiliates can monitor real-time performance from affiliate links on the dashboard page that can be accessed at any time through the Tokopedia application. In addition, Affiliates can join the Tokopedia Creator Academy community, to share experiences and hone skills as content creators with other experienced content creators,” said Nirmala. 


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