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42 commercial airports in the Philippines on high alert due to bomb threat


Jakarta, IO – The anonymous threat warned that a number of bombs could explode on planes flying out of Manila, including to several tourist destinations.

“Enhanced security measures were immediately implemented at 42 commercial airports across the country,” said Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) spokesman Eric Apolonio, per CNA, Friday (6/10).

He said the threat was sent to the Philippine air traffic services email with regard to flights from Manila to Davao, Bicol, and popular tourist destinations Palawan and Cebu.

“While the information is being verified, enhanced security measures were immediately implemented throughout the airports,” Erick said.

On Friday (6/10) local time, the aviation regulator released to the media a memo dated October 4 containing orders for airport security managers to increase security, thoroughly check baggage and carry out round-the-clock surveillance after receiving threats.

The memo included a screenshot of the threat, which did not contain the word ‘bomb’ but said ‘a plane will explode’ at Manila international airport today and ‘please be careful’. “Cebu, Palawan, Bicol and Davao will also be affected,” it added.

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Philippine Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista announced that patrols had been increased and K9 units were deployed throughout Manila international airport terminals, and law enforcement agencies have been in close coordination.

“We want to reassure the traveling public that protocols are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and security,” he said. (rr)


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