We are all connected: all about heart and vessel intervention

(Source: Sprint Medical)

Jakarta, IO – Cardiovascular illness is the disease with the highest mortality rate in the world. Heart attacks are an ominously common cardiovascular condition that require rapid and proper handling to save the sufferer. In many cases, heart attacks require advanced treatment to ensure that the patient survives, most commonly heart catheterization or the installation of a stent ring. 

Catheterization is a non-surgical, invasive cardiological intervention procedure, becoming quite popular in Indonesia over the past few decades. To help the public keep abreast of the latest developments in heart-related therapies, the Indonesian Society of Interventional Cardiology (“ISIC”) held its 2022 Annual Meeting on 24-26 November in Jakarta, with the theme “We Are All Connected by Heart and Vessel Intervention”. 

Technology plays a crucial role in the provision of heart disease therapies. Therefore, ISIC prioritizes education in all its programs. “Cardiological intervention is the part of cardiology that never stops developing. Along with advances in science and technology, it promises innovative alternatives to heart surgery. Indonesian cardiological intervention has been making great strides since the 1980’s. We are not just talking about installing stent rings for blood vessel restrictions, but also other non-surgical intervening procedures, such as percutaneous valvuloplasty,” reported Dr. dr. Doni Firman, Sp. JP(K), FIHA, General Chairman of ISIC, in a press release we received last Friday (25/11/2022).