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Support system, a necessity for happy mothers and healthy children


Jakarta, IO – The statement that happy mothers create a healthy and amazing next generation is a factual one. For nine whole months, pregnant mothers suffer from multiple changes – physical and psychological – all of them hormonal. 

During the first trimester, they suffer from an increase of estrogen and progesterone, as well as secreting the pregnancy hormone beta chorionic gonadotropin (beta hCG). This combination causes them to become nauseated and vomit constantly. “In the first trimester, 75-80% of pregnant mothers will definitely suffer from nausea. Their volatile psychological condition can last all the way to the second trimester, even the third. During their second trimester, a mother’s stress is mostly related to the change in their physical shape, while during the third trimester, they are rightly worried about the upcoming birth event,” explained dr. Ardiansjah Dara Sjahruddin, Sp.OG, during the 5th anniversary of Teman Bumil (“Expectant Mother’s Friends”) community, sponsored by Folamil milk and Asimor herbal supplements, on Tuesday (29/11/2022).

Hormonal changes greatly affect psychological changes in pregnant mothers: they make them cry easily, or to the other extreme, get outraged easily. Even though we know that their hormones play a great role in their condition, we must not allow pregnant mothers to sink into their sadness or anger for prolonged periods of time. “Indirectly, pregnant mothers’ prolonged sadness and anger might cause them to give birth prematurely. Or the baby might be born small, with low birth weight,” dr. Dara said. 

When pregnant mothers become angry, sad, and overthink, they might lose their appetite or eat irregularly. This causes their fetus to be undernourished. Some even lose the desire to keep themselves clean, which means that they suffer a risk of bacterial infection. Bacteria may enter their uncleaned vagina, then get to the womb and infect the amniotic sac. This might end up with the infected sac breaking down early, and in turn, a premature birth. 


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