This is how much you must pay in tax if you bring back goods you buy overseas

Illustration (Source: Bea Cukai)

Jakarta, IO – A viral post showing a netizen complaining about the hefty tax he must pay after shopping overseas. So what does the rule say?

The tax rules for import duties and excise for goods bought overseas are stipulated in Finance Minister Regulation (PMK) 203/2017 and PER-09/BC/2018, reported Detik, Friday (3/2).

There are two categories: items for personal and non-personal use. According to Customs and Excise’s Twitter handle @bravobeacukai, goods for personal use worth maximum US$500 per person per arrival will be exempted from the Free On Board (FOB) import duty.

Beyond that, passengers would have to pay 10% import duty, 10% value-added tax (VAT) and income tax (PPh) as per PMK 110/PMK.010/2018 and luxury tax (PPNBM) according to PMK 86/PMK.010/2019 (if applicable).