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Therapy dogs help Ukrainian children overcome trauma of war


Jakarta, IO – War always has terrible adverse consequences for those who experience it, including children in Ukraine. To help them cope with the trauma of war, Ukraine provides therapy facilities at the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation in Boyarka. More precisely, this rehabilitation involves therapy dogs whose job is to provide much needed comfort to Ukrainian children traumatized by the war that has raged in their country since February.

Eight-year-old Bice, a pit bull terrier, is specifically trained to entertain children. When it walks into a room filled with children, they would one by one hug and pet it. Their faces beamed with smile when Bice did several tricks such as sitting, standing on his hind legs, extending his legs and rolling over, reported the Associated Press (AP), Tuesday (13/12).

Psychologist Oksana Sliepova said therapy sessions have often been given to children but this is the first time she has included Bice. The canine therapy is considered effective in arousing positive emotions within people who have experienced trauma.


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