Strengthening Pancasila as the nation’s ideology

Ujang Komarudin
Lecturer in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Al-Azhar Indonesia (UAI) Jakarta

IO – Not long ago I was invited by the Bogor State Health Polytechnic, to de­liver a public lecture with the theme “Strengthening Pancasila as the Na­tion’s Ideology”. For some reason, for the last few days, I have been wanting to write about Pancasila, the foundation of the Indonesian State. A philosophy which is apparently currently suffering degradation.

Why Pancasila needs to be strength­ened. Needs to be reinforced. Needs to be respected. Needs to be defend­ed. Needs to be maintained. Needs to be treated with the utmost care. And needs to be preserved.

Because Pancasila is a unifying ide­ology, inherent in Islamic values, a big house that accommodates all the peo­ple of Indonesia, and a middle ground (moderate) ideology. Not aligned to the right. And not aligned to the left either. Not aligned to liberalists. And certainly not aligned with the communists.

As an ideology, Pancasila is a strong and firm ideology. Many have unfortu­nately undermined Pancasila. But Pan­casila still exists to this day. Pancasila remains firm. Pancasila is still going strong. And Pancasila remains pow­erful. There are many and various big problems facing Pancasila nowadays. And the most fundamental problem is that Pancasila is only being read and memorized – but not implemented. There is a distance between reading and memorization and the application of Pancasila to everyday life.

The threat in establishing Pancasi­la as the ideology of the nation did not come from outside parties, but it rather emerged from ourselves, as children of the nation. Pancasila is only a decora­tion, an accessory, and is being treated as a mere display in our life. Pancasila has not been internalized and actually applied.

Another threat comes from the thoughts and movements of radical­ism, which is currently spreading rap­idly in Indonesia. Dealing with radical­ism will become a thorn in the flesh, in strengthening and reinforcing Pancasi­la. But we must look at the roots of rad­icalism. Radicalism arises not by itself. The cause for the rise of radicalism can be rooted in the feeling of disappoint­ment with governing powers. It can also arise from poverty.

Poor people can be radicalized. Dis­appointed people can be radicalized. Poverty and disappointment must be resolved. Why they are poor? And why they are disappointed? Those who take a radical stance are also children of the nation. Sons of the nation, who must be nurtured.

Do not allow them to become rad­ical, as they may turn into terrorists. And leave. The state must be present, to offer a solution, so that they are in full understanding of Pancasila. Invite them to return to Pancasila. Provide welfare if they are poor. And provide justice if they are disappointed.

Another threat to Pancasila is cor­ruption. Corruption is a frightening specter. It is an enemy of the state and Pancasila, as our Nation’s ideology. People claim that they are following Pancasila principles (Pancasilaists). But at the same time, they are corrupt. Officials and people in power also feel that they are “Pancasilaist”, but their intention is simply to pilfer away state moneys. If a political elite truly feels that they are following Pancasila and are convinced they adhere to Pancasila principles to the fullest, then they must amend their corrupt behavior. Stating that they’re Pancasilaist but still engag­ing in corruption is a completely hypo­critical act.

It is not only radicalism and cor­ruption which can threaten Pancasila. Liberal and cruelly capitalistic political systems are also dangerous. Politics become a high-cost game. The system produces officials who are mentally cor­rupt and morally destructive.

Drugs are also a threat to Pancasila, to the nation and to the younger gen­eration. It is not only artists and offi­cials who get detained for drugs. Many students are also accustomed to tak­ing them. If drugs are not immediately suppressed, we may not expect this ideological state of Pancasila to become settled as a well-developed country in the future.

Free sex also becomes an obsta­cle and threat to Pancasila. Citizens who obey Pancasila will not engage in shameful behavior. They will not com­mit immoral acts. Will not do actions that endanger themselves, their fami­lies, and their people.

Issues that threaten Pancasila must be resolved. There must be a sure-fire and comprehensive solution.

Pancasila is being undermined by radicalism, corruption, drugs, free sex, and a liberal political system, which is not reinforced. Not strengthened. I’m worried that Pancasila will only be seen as a decoration, an accessory which can be seen by our naked eye but not taken to heart. Never let Pancasila be silent, meaningless and empty. Let us make Pancasila an ideology that is alive, dynamic, and has spirit.

Pancasila that is not reinforced will be discarded. Pancasila that is not strengthened will be ruled out. Pan­casila which is not maintained, cared for and preserved will disappear, along with the ashes of time and circum­stances. Pancasila are for life. Do not injure Pancasila. Do not disturb Pan­casila. Do not toy around with Pancas­ila. Do not let it freeze and become stiff. Do not replace it with other ideologies. Do not judge Pancasila with a false standard. Never hurt Pancasila.

Establish Pancasila as the ideology of the nation. Strengthen Pancasila by applying it. Establish Pancasila by implementing it. Pancasila will not be meaningful and will never be meaning­ful, if it is not sincerely implemented.

We all claim to be following Pancas­ila. Stating that we are Pancasilaist. Confessing our love and obedience to Pancasila. But sometimes our behavior is far from the values of Pancasila.

Pancasila should not just be reading material, mere words to be memorized and spoken aloud but not applied. If that happens, then Pancasila will only be a body without a spirit.

Pancasila is there to be implement­ed. Strengthening Pancasila with­out applying it in daily life is almost the same as making Pancasila dead. Strengthen and reinforce Pancasila. Never hurt Pancasila.