“Running is part of my life, but I also need other sports”


Melanie Putria, public figure and sports enthusiast

Jakarta, IO – Melanie Putria, the “Puteri Indonesia 2002” national beauty pageant winner, has made sports part of her lifestyle. She first stepped into it after receiving a reminder letter a year after winning the Puteri Indonesia title – she was gaining weight. 

“I got pressure and a warning letter because I was becoming overweight. Finally, in 2003, I met with Ade Rai and started exercising. I gained a lot of knowledge from him about being healthy. For example, you don’t need to go on a diet as long as you have a balanced food intake,” she said. 

“When we do bodybuilding, we need more protein. But when I started running, carb intake became necessary,” explained Melanie, at the opening of the Planet Sports Asia outlet at Bintaro Jaya Exchange Mall 2 in South Tangerang on Tuesday (Dec 19). 

“Now is so convenient. Broad-ranging sports stores are available. Back then, when I was Puteri Indonesia in 2002, only few stores existed, and their collections were limited. They only focused on sales, not offering an experience like today,” Melanie recalled. 

Melanie is a sports enthusiast, with running being her favorite sport. “Running is part of my life, but I also need other sports, such as a gym workout and swimming, because all muscles have to be trained,” she explained. 

She is delighted to have a new Planet Sports Asia outlet in her neighborhood. “Finding sports gear has become easier. This (Planet Sports Asia) has become “Tangsel Pride” (South Tangerang),” she said laughingly. 

Melanie always makes sure she has time for exercising. “If you’re a couch potato now, start exercising. You will feel the benefits. Always make time for an exercise. It doesn’t have to be long. At the beginning, five minutes is enough, but make it into a routine,” she encouraged. 

Melanie shared how she sometimes does a plank for 20 seconds after praying at dawn. “We should enjoy sports to be healthy, and it’s also an investment for our body. I’m keen on getting healthier because I want to spend a longer time with my loved ones,” she said. 

Panji Cakrasantana, the general manager of Marketing Sports MAP Active, Indonesia’s leading sports and leisure retailer, expressed his excitement that Planet Sports Asia has finally opened a branch store in South Tangerang. 

“We realized that the people in South Tangerang are avidly interested in sports. For example, in the Planet Sports Run held at ICE BSD City a few weeks ago, around 3,500 people showed up and participated. It proves that the South Tangerang people have an enormous interest in sports,” explained Panji. 

Planet Sports Asia at Bintaro Jaya Exchange Mall 2 is the 33rd and largest branch in Indonesia, boasting an area of 1,404 m2. 

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It offers a complete sports experience concept, focusing not only on sports but also lifestyle. “The concept of full sports experience means that we provide customers with an experience which is more than just shopping. It means customers can shop and get hands-on sports experience by using our facilities and products in various sports and lifestyle zones we offer,” said Panji. 

“We are also aware that people need not only the latest quality and style but also personalization. Therefore, we present the “Create Your Own” zone, where customers can custom design the product of their choice and make it more personal,” Panji said. (rp)