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Putri Kusuma Wardani


Enjoys shouting while playing

IO – Young badminton player Putri Kusuma Wardani can’t wait to compete in the official championship. She will go to Orleans France, Saturday, March 20 to take part in the tournament super level 100. “I really miss playing, so I can scream out on the field. So far, I was only practicing,” said Putri, 18 years old, a fan of Carolina Marin, a badminton player from Spain.

“Marin’s footwork is good; I want to emulate it. She also shouts excitedly. Before seeing her play, my shouts were normal on the pitch, after seeing Marin shouting excitedly, my shouts are now more excited,” said Putri in a virtual interview held by the Public Relations of the Indonesian Badminton Federation, Wednesday, March 17.

Although happy about leaving for the tournament, there is one thing that worries Putri. “I am afraid of being exposed to Covid-19 during the PCR test there,” she said.

From a technical and physical perspective, Putri admits that she still has many shortcomings. “I have to have more muscle power and endurance,” she admits.

Putri plays as a single, one of Indonesia’s hopes among the young.

In a simulated tournament during the pandemic, she managed to defeat several of her seniors. “Becoming the hope of many people is a bit of a burden, but Mother and Father said I had to turn it into motivation,” she said.

Putri came to follow badminton from her father’s guidance. “Father asked me whether I want to be more serious in badminton or in school? I answered badminton. My father agreed and supported it. Badminton is number one, school is number two,” she said.

Putri is happy she can be summoned to enter the National Training Center. “I’m happy; not everyone can enter the National Training Center. I got a lot of knowledge there. The sad thing is, I often miss my mother and father,” she said.

This year is Putri’s first year competing as a senior player. Unfortunately, in her final year as a junior player, no tournaments were held due to the pandemic. “Even though I was determined to win the World Junior Championship last year”.

Facing her first tournament this year, Putri is trying to prepare her mind. “There should not be a lot of thought, because it will interfere with focus and concentration on the field,” she said.

Have a good match, Putri. (rp)


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