Employers with WD-40 sues Cancellation Certificate Get All 40 Injures Institute of Justice

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IO – The Chairman of Cooperative HWI Market Lindeteves, Chandra Suwono said his concern regarding the dispute between WD-40 and Get All-40. It starts from a lawsuit cancellation of certificates Get All-40 by WD-40 in the year 2015. Where in Disputed it, Get All-40 defeat to the level of Supreme Court (MA).

“However, Get All-40 managed to take back its rights, through the Appeal Commission on IPR, with the issuance of PP 10 of 2019, regarding the procedures for appealing marks on IPR,” Chandra said in his statement to the editor, Tuesday (2/3/2021).

Chandra said because he felt aggrieved for several years and stopped production of purchase orders (PO) orders that had been received. Then after successfully taking back their right, Get All-40 did claim compensation losses in the Court of Commerce Jakarta Center with numbers claim 41.

A Claims are filed in August of 2020 and is scheduled hearings maiden on dated 6 January 2021. And here appears once the arrogance of employers with WD-40’,” clearly Chandra.

“Because they do not take care with the lawsuit Get All-40, did not attend the hearing to answer the lawsuit Get All-40, even a week later WD-40 turning to Get All-40 to cancel the certificate Get All-40,” continued Chandra.

Chandra confirms that the WD-40 clear once abusive institution of the judiciary, injure law Indonesia with the principle of a simple, fast and inexpensive. Because the law be confused with the one object there are two lawsuits by the parties were the same.

“So that that does not happen confusion in the law, it should suit WD-40 does not have to be accepted or at least not on trial, given the principle of the law of Indonesia that is simple, fast and cheap,” he explained.

Chandra believes that the noble judges who adjudicate disputes this , to take a decision as fair as possible in order to provide certainty of law to the world of business, and Chandra also requested the Commission to participate oversee the process of law TSB , as are the circumstances are not common , namely , their suit cases civil specifically No: 41 / Pdt . Sus -HKI / Brand / 2020 / PN. Central Jakarta with Mr. Benny Bong (Get All-40) as Plaintiff and Party WD-40 Company, as Defendant 1 and the WD-40.

Manufacturing Company as Defendant 2, and there was a special civil suit No: 3 / Pdt . Sus -HKI / Brand / 2021 / District Court  Central Jakarta , with Party WD-40 Company and WD-40 Manufacturing Company as plaintiff and Party Benny Bong (Get All 40) as a party defendant .

It there are similarities of the parties with the object of the lawsuit are the same but the two not register a case. In the technical legal events civil, should the WD-40 does not make a claim new but quite answered the lawsuit of Benny Bong at once make the lawsuit behind / reconvention.

Then it can be in sure action WD-40 had violated the principle of justice is simple, fast and cost of light as stipulated in Law No. 48 Year 2009 about Power of Justice, although such a process the Law of his turned out to still be processed, it is distinguished by Chandra important of its supervision of the Commission.

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