Pineapple seller died after being ganged up by 14 martial artists

Pineapple seller died after being ganged up by 14 martial artists
Illustration. (Source: ist)

Jakarta, IO – The police are hunting for the perpetrators who ganged up on Eko Bayu Asmoro, 21, in Gresik, East Java. The pineapple seller at Gadung Market, Driyorejo died after he was attacked by 14 silat (traditional Indonesian martial art) fighters.

“Seven of them have been identified,” said Gresik Police chief investigator First Inspector Aldino Prima Wirdan, reported detik, Wednesday (30/11).

Aldino explained that initially seven perpetrators approached Eko, who was wearing a shirt with a logo of a silat school. When questioned, Eko said he got the shirt from the school he trained with.

“One of the group members challenged him for a duel. The victim lost and admitted that he was only wearing the shirt and wasn’t actually a disciple of the school,” Aldino explained.

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Upon hearing his confession, the other perpetrators attacked him. After a few hours, AL (29), the group leader, contacted other members.

“The heavily wounded victim was beaten up again by seven other members of the gang. This is still based on witness statements, so we are still conducting an investigation. But we will hunt them all down,” said Aldino. (rr)