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Phant-tastic news! Way Kambas welcomes baby Sumatran elephant


Jakarta, IO – Way Kambas National Park (TNWK) recently announced the birth of a female Sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus sumatranus).

The baby is the fourth one for 34-year-old mother Pleno. The calf, which has not yet been named, weighs 69 kg, a height of 72 cm, a chest diameter of 98 cm, a length of 87 cm and a tail length of 50 cm.

Meanwhile, the mother is given additional food in the form of grass and vitamins via injection to restore her post-natal condition and increase the quality of her milk.

“Hopefully this birth will provide new enthusiasm for preserving endangered animals and increase the population of Sumatran elephants in TNWK,” said TNWK acting head Hermawan.

Shortly after giving birth, the TNWK Elephant Hospital Medical Team provided intensive care for the baby and mother to ensure they were healthy and stable.

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They cleaned the mother’s reproductive tract by spraying antiseptic. Meanwhile, the calf is sprayed with antiseptic on its navel so that it can suckle directly from its mother.

Sumatran elephants are one of the protected wild animal species in Indonesia based on Environment and Forestry ministerial regulation. Apart from that, the Sumatran elephant is also a priority animals to be preserved in TNWK. (bp)


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