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May 22 Demonstrations, MER-C finds evidence of live rounds fired at demonstrators


IO, Jakarta – Operation standards for handling demonstrators in the May 21 and 22 demonstrations are suspected to have been violated by security officers after evidence of the use of live ammunition in clashes between protesters and police officers was found. The evidence was revealed by the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C).

MER-C revealed that they found live ammunition shot at victims during the clashes between demonstrators and security forces.

The officers, besides attacking demonstrators, also allegedly attacked journalists and medical personnel. This was alleged alongside other accusations of the use of live ammunition to disperse protesters.

MER-C Advisory Council Member Doctor Joserizal Jurnalis said that they found evidence that live ammunition was used. During his press conference, MER-C revealed the live and rubber ammunition fired at demonstrators that they found. “We saw them using live ammunition to shoot at the victims,” Joserizal said.

Joserizal said his party would bring the findings to the United Nations and stated the use of live ammunition during the demonstrations was a universal issue and was not did not depend on state by state laws.

“We will go out as it is universal in nature and is not limited by the laws of states or nations. It is governed by the United Nations international court,” he said.

Joserizal said that his party cared for victims whether demonstrators or army/police at the location of the riots. He explained, in addition to the death toll, there were also victims suffered trauma, and alleged attacks on medical vehicles.

“There were some victims who died, haveminor to severe trauma, then there was an attack on medical transportation vehicles. Then there was bad treatment of medical volunteers,” Joserizal said. (dsy)


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