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Indonesia will be hit by extreme weather until April, BMKG warns


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia will potential experience extreme weather events from March to April 2024. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said that people must be alert and prepared as the transitional season nears.

“During the transition period, the public needs to increase awareness and early anticipation of the potential for extreme weather such as heavy rain in a short duration which can be accompanied by lightning and strong winds, tornadoes and hail phenomena,” said BMKG chief Dwikorita Karnawati, per Bmkg.go.id, Mon (26/2).

According to her, the peak of the rainy season had passed in various regions of Indonesia, especially the southern part. This indicates that the region will begin to enter the transitional season from March to April.

One of the characteristics is the rain pattern which usually occurs in the afternoon until late at night, which is usually preceded by warm and hot air throughout the day. This happens because the solar radiation received from morning to noon is quite large and triggers a convection process or the lifting of air masses from the earth’s surface into the atmosphere so that clouds form. The characteristics of rain in this period tend to be uneven, with moderate to heavy intensity in a short duration.

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“Heavy rainfall is one of the triggers for hydrometeorological disasters, such as flash floods and landslides. Therefore, to people who live in hilly areas that are prone to landslides, we also urge them to be alert and careful,” she added.

In addition, unpredictable and rapidly changing weather can trigger health problems. Thus, people are encouraged to adjust their outdoor activities, including protecting themselves from intense sunlight or downpour. (bp)


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