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Indonesia Invites US to Contribute to Maintaining Global Peace


Jakarta, IO – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo appealed to US President Joe Biden to help end the conflict raging in Gaza. He also said that the partnership between the two countries can contribute to global peace.

“Indonesia hopes that our partnership can contribute to regional and global peace and prosperity,” Jokowi told Biden during a bilateral meeting at the White House, per, Tue (14/11).

Jokowi considered the US one of the most important partners for Indonesia. Both countries agreed to increase their partnership through a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP).

“But the most important thing is that we have to really interpret it because for Indonesia economic cooperation is a priority, including in supply chain issues,” he added.

Meanwhile, Biden appreciated that the existing bilateral cooperation has developed into a comprehensive strategic partnership. This marks a new era of partnership in various fields including security and defense.

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According to Biden, there are several other points that must continue to be of concern, namely building a safe supply chain and overcoming the climate crisis. He said Indonesia plays an important role in the clean energy transition.

“This includes expanding our cooperation in building secure supply chains. This also includes our deeper collaboration to tackle the climate crisis,” he said. (bp)


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