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How to prevent excess hair loss


Jakarta, IO – The hair is our natural crown. Like all parts of the body, it dies and regenerates every day, and that is the cause of falling hair. Even though it is a natural occurrence, people tend to get worried if their hair begins to fall out, especially in large patches. There is a real need to be concerned about balding when excessive hair loss occurs. 

“Normally, we lose a few strands of hair a day. More than that, we will become bald. Treatment for hair loss may be performed at home first. If you don’t improve, then have a doctor check you to slow the process of going bald,” declared Bamed Clinic’s aesthetic dermato-venereology specialist, dr. Mohammad Yoga Adi Waskito, Sp. DVE, to the media in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/9/2023). 

Balding may occur because of genetics, or acquired factors such as drug side effects, hormonal effects or post-partum hair loss. A number of sufferers note excess hair loss because of infection, stress, UV ray exposure, excessive usage of hair dryers and/or hair straighteners, hair bleach and/or hair coloring products. 

“Daily habits that may cause the hair to fall out to the extent of balding include cinching the hair too tightly on a daily basis, or rubbing the scalp and hair too hard when washing it. When you wash your hair, you should moisten it, apply shampoo to your hands and rub it in until suds come out, then wash your hair and scalp with it. You just need to massage it in; no need to rub too vigorously,” dr. Yoga warned. 

Hair Transplants 

At the same event, dr. Firman Parrol, Sp.DVE, a fellow speaker and colleague of dr. Yoga, who had accompanied him to Türkiye to learn more about hair loss treatment methods, reports that hair transplants can be done as an alternative for hair loss treatment. Transplanting is achieved by taking healthy hair from a donor’s head, usually from the area parallel to the ears. Other than head hair, transplants can also be performed on the beard, mustache, or eyebrows. 

“There are things to consider when transplanting hair to the scalp. It can be performed on men who suffer from alopecia androgenetica (diffused hair loss between the front and top of the scalp that does not affect the frontal hairline), on women who suffer hair loss in the part of the hairline, on people who suffer from a receding hairline because of trauma, side effects of surgery, or plucking out. Hair transplants work best on people still in their 20’s, so patients should not have excessive expectations from this procedure,” dr. Firman warned. 

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Of the many hair transplant techniques available, the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique is the most recommended one nowadays. It causes minimal injury, with a much smaller risk of massive hemorrhaging or nerve damage. Naturally, it has a much faster healing rate. 

“The most important thing in hair transplanting is post-transplant treatment, during the three-month period after the procedure. We strongly recommend refraining from strenuous sports or activities such as swimming, as it might pull on transplanted hair and make it fall out,” dr. Firman advised. “After having had a hair transplant, please refrain from wearing head coverings like hats or helmets as well. Before the transplant, avoid participating in extreme diets that may lower your nutrition ingestion. Also, don’t smoke or drink alcohol at least a week before the transplant. You don’t want to waste the transplant process, or even have a less than optimal results from it.” (est)


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