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Hallf Patiunus and Walking Drums present 2023 “Ramadan’s Iftar Under the Stars”


Jakarta, IO – Following a three-year pandemic, Hallf Patiunus, Walking Drums, and Akusara Production have collaborated once more, to host the 2023 Ramadhan Iftar Under the Stars, offering an attractive and unique all-youcan-eat iftar buffet experience where guests may enjoy over 40 different flavors of iftar meals from different countries every day. 

Walking Drums’ “Reunited in the Desert” event this year intends to bring families, friends, and colleagues together for the iftar, or breaking of the fast. “Under the Stars will bring us together, reunited in the desert.” The desert represents a reflection on human relations, how humans live, and how messages are passed on, to continue surviving through difficult times. 

By capturing the majestic beauty of the desert and surrounding the cafe with beautiful artificial sand dunes, Walking Drums takes visitors into the ambiance of a desert. Not only can visitors enjoy delicious dishes in a desert atmosphere, but they can also enjoy various facilities, including photo corners, bazaars, talk shows, digital religious broadcasts and other activities. This year, Iftar Under the Stars takes place in two locations: Hallf Patiunus and Walking Drums by the Beach, Ancol, with its sandy beach nuance. 

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The grand opening of the 2023 Iftar Under the Stars was held on Saturday, March 25, 2023. The opening invited 150 influencers, company representatives and media partners for the iftar. (des/ast)


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