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For supporters, Prabowo: It is not easy to defend truth and justice


IO, Jakarta – Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto last night met with the May 22 demonstrators at the People’s Struggle House, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Prabowo’s visit was shared via YouTube by Prabowo-Sandi’s Media Center on Thursday (5/23/2019). Prabowo met with his supporters after visiting the victims of the demonstration at the Aspiration House in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (5/22) night.

In his speech, Prabowo said he was thankful for their fighting spirit and loyalty. He claimed he was not fighting for certain a position. “I am not fighting to be president or not to be president. I went forward as a presidential candidate to defend the interests of the people of Indonesia,” he said, greeted by cries of Allahu Akbar from the masses.

Prabowo initially asked supporters to fight in a peaceful way. The ex-Kopassus Commander General also asked supporters to believe in him. “So, one thing that I ask for us our fight be peaceful. We must avoid violence. Our fight cannot be about taking revenge through violence. We must hold back our anger. We fight with reason, a controlled passion, the most important thing is our unity,” he said.

Prabowo understood that there are always those who will slander Islam by saying it is identical with radicalism. “Let us prove that Islam is peaceful, Islam rahmatan lil” alamin (mercy to all creation), “he explained.

Prabowo acknowledged that defending truth and justice would not be easy. Even so, according to Prabowo the best path would be a peaceful one. “The path without violence, this is very hard but we have to do it,” he said. “I am a person who is trained for war but I choose the path of not using violence and believe victory will come to those who are right. We are on the right path, we must win morally, “he continued.

 “Keep moving forward, Sir! Keep moving forward” the masses screamed.

The Gerindra Party Chairman explained that withdrawing was not equal to giving up. Sometimes, said Prabowo, deciding to resign had to be done in order to achieve greater things. “Giving up is never giving up, but sometimes we must take one step back to move two steps forwards. They say sami’na wa atho’na (we hear and we obey), so sometimes I have to go left so I go left,” Prabowo said.

“But it has gone too far, Sir,” screamed the masses again. “Be calm, patient, we are already hurt, patients is difficult, I say it is difficult. But we have to do it. If you believe in me, be patient. Remember patient, cool, peaceful and not using violence, that is a warrior. United we are very strong, united we are firm,” Prabowo said again. (dsy)


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