Hundreds of retired Military Officers call for the salvation of national sovereignty

Hundreds of retired Military Officers call for the salvation of national sovereignty. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – 108 retired Armed Forces officers from all three branches (Army, navy, and airforce) as well as retired police officers included in the Voice of Sovereignty Forum held a discussion and breaking of the fast at Grand Mahakam Hotel, Jakarta, on Monday (20/05/2019). The event, initiated by Armed Forces General (Ret.) Tyasno Sudarto, was attended by many retirees, including Armed Forces Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Djoko Susilo. The discussion was held only to provide support, spirit, and consolidation among the retirees about plans for visiting the Elections Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – “KPU”) and the Election Monitoring Agency (Badan Pengawas Pemilihan Umum – “Bawaslu”) on 21-22 May 2019. The discussion also announced that there is no plan for a rebellion or other anarchic movements. All planned movements will be made peacefully and in organized fashion. Even though many people will assemble, the only purpose is to seek truth and justice, and to reject the fraud observed in the 2019 Presidential Elections.

Armed Forces Marshall (Ret.) Imam Sufaat addressed the fraud and injustice that occurred throughout the 2019 Elections in his speech. He regretted the involvement of State apparatus that are supposed to be neutral, whether the police or the State’s Civil Apparatus (Aparatus Sipil Negara – “ASN”). They were systematically made to intervene and secure victory for the Incumbent. “We have come to KPU several times to inform them that voters are being intimidated, and we know that we are being defrauded because we have the data. We are being defrauded by the Incumbent and his minions. When we check the IT data, we are certain of victory through the verified C1 data. We are also aware that many C1 forms were falsified. We are asking the Bawaslu to disqualify Presidential Candidate Pair 01 because of the many vote markups performed by the KPU. We have given the data to Bawaslu. I think that the people’s movement that demand sovereignty is already in proportion, that there is nothing wrong with it. The inauguration of Presidential Candidate 01 would make him an illegitimate president. Our movement is done in order for the KPU to overturn its count, that is what we are working on. It is a challenge for us all to encourage the people’s strife,” he said.

Meanwhile, Navy Admiral (Ret.) Tedjo Edi approved of Prabowo’s stance of rejecting KPU RI’s count. However, he also encourages Prabowo not to take things to the Constitution Court. “It would be useless, as the Constitution Court does not deal with fraud. That is Bawaslu’s jurisdiction. The requirement for taking it to the Constitution Court is the presence of 10,000 witnesses. We faced a similar situation in 2014, but I was in a party that supported Jokowi then. Mas Tomi requested me to create a new party to support Pak Prabowo, the Working Party. As I see it, Pak Prabowo is a very humanistic person who does not want to avenge himself on his political opponents. Right now, many citizens support Pak Prabowo and demand that the stolen and defrauded votes for him be returned. Pak Prabowo cannot stop this. I believe that there would be no riots, but somebody would make it look like as if we are inciting something. We must be wary of provocateurs from their side,” he said.

On the other hand, Armed Forces General (Ret.) Tyasno Sudarto of the People’s Sovereignty Front stated that this country and nation are facing an unstable political condition due to the stealing of the people’s sovereignty in democracy. The fact of structured, systematic, and massive fraud in the 2019 Elections is like our Motherland is being raped, on top of the difficult economic condition of the people, which paralyzes the daily life of the country and nation. “We are telling our brothers and sisters across the nation to join us in the spirit of saving the sovereignty of the nation and the future of Indonesia from the dangers of conflict between tribes, religions, and factions that can trigger the disintegration of the United Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

Tyasno further stated that he and his friends have always been with the people, whose sovereignty is now being perverted. “We as the earlier generation are now reminding the current generation of armed forces and police officers that we are the children of the Indonesian people, and we must always defend the people and fight for their right and sovereignty,” he said.

He further requested that the Army show its true identity to the people as the people’s army, and to the Police as the servant, protector, and caretaker of the people. “We specifically ask that certain parties not utilize the 2019 Elections for their own benefit and interests, because the Indonesian people have gotten smarter and they understand what is actually happening,” he said. (D. Ramdani)