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FIFA U-17 World Cup: Germany, Argentina go into the semifinals

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Jakarta, IO – The FIFA U-17 World Cup quarter-final match which took place at the Jakarta International Stadium, Friday, (24/11) saw a clash between Latin America and Europe heavyweights to qualify for the semifinals.

In the first match, Spain vs. Germany. In the first half, Spain played aggressively, had many opportunities but could not create a goal. Germany finally had their first chance of the match in the 36th minute, but German midfielder Yalcinkaya’s shot was countered well by Spanish goalkeeper Raul Jimenez. Until the first half was over, the two team were still tied at 0-0.

Entering the second half, Spain attacked again with quick passings. However, Germany’s tight defense could not be penetrated. Overly focused on offensive, Spain conceded a goal in the 64th minute from Paris German midfielder Josua Brunner’s penalty kick. Until the 85th minute, Spain continued to lock up the German defense. In the final minutes of the match Spain had to play with 10 players after goalkeeper Raul Jimenez received a red card.

The next match was Brazil vs. Argentina. The start of the first half was intense for 15 minutes, Argentina took the initiative to attack through the left sector. Brazil often had difficulty making a breakthrough with long passes that went straight to their two wing lines. Argentinian striker Echeverri found an opening and fired a shot which bounced off Da Mata, Phillipe Gabriel couldn’t reach the ball and made the score change to 1-0 to Argentina’s lead in the 28th minute.

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Until the first half ended, Argentina maintained a 1-0 lead. Starting the second half, Brazil immediately appeared to press on with a combination of one-two pass attacks. But Argentinian striker Echeverri showed another impressive performance by weaving past two Brazilian players and firing a shot into the right side of Gabriel’s goal. In the 58th minute, Argentina took a 2-0 lead. Through a counter-attack, Agustin Roberto’s through ball was easily converted by Echeverri who was left facing one on one with Gabriel. Echeverri easily got past Gabriel and tipped the ball into the unguarded goal post. Argentina was ahead with a 3-0 in the 72nd minute.

With this result, Argentina secured a place in the semifinals and will play Germany, which in the previous match was able to beat Spain with a narrow score of 1-0.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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