Claim from candidate pair no. 02 to the Constitutional Court, Sandiaga: there is an anomaly, there is a deviation

Sandiaga Uno (middle). (photo:

IO, Jakarta – Candidate for vice president Sandiaga Uno said that the lawsuit for the results of the presidential election to the Constitutional Court (MK) as part of the demands of the community. The reason is that elections are considered to be dishonest and unfair.

“But what ultimately made Prabowo and I decide to submit a dispute to the Constitutional Court appointed Pak Hashim (Hashim Djojohadikusumo) and Mr. BW (Bambang Widjojanto) because of the demands of the people, Indonesia has not been able to run honest and fair elections,” said Sandiaga when met by reporters in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Saturday (05/25/2019)

Sandiaga mentioned the number of election officials who were sick and died unnaturally. Sandiaga said that this shows the inefficiency of the 2019 Concurrent Election.

“It is a demand from the public (carrying out honest and fair elections), we will continue to fight together with the community. As Prabowo said, we arise and sink with the people. We want to improve because this is no longer a problem of winning or losing, but this is a matter of democracy Indonesia, “he continued.

Sandiaga wants to ensure that the Constitutional Court works independently so that it can present justice in handling the claims of the presidential election results. Sandiaga also mentioned the importance of the case of the lawsuit resulting from the events at the polling stations.

“This is the result of all collections obtained from the community, mostly from the province. Fifty percent of the polling stations in the province have anomalies, irregularities, injustices,” Sandiaga said.

Prabowo-Sandi, represented by the legal team, filed a lawsuit from the results of the 2019 Presidential Election to the Constitutional Court on Friday night (24/5). (dsy)